The most beautiful time

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The road we are taking now is also very famous in ancient times.

The road we are taking now is also very famous in ancient times. This is the only way to enter Shu, with high mountains, dense forests and dangerous roads. The extinct South China Tiger once appeared in this area, as well as black bears and leopards. Walking on this road in ancient times, it is absolutely necessary to risk life, so Li Bai has the sigh of "Shu Road is difficult, it is difficult to go up to the sky". Surrounded by mountains, the sky was small. The place where our car had just passed happened to be between the two mountains. Looking up, the mountain walls on both sides were like giant gods, leaving only a line of sky. The narrow mountain path, rolling in the mountains, can not see the end, as if extending into the white clouds. Pointing to a looming peak in the distant white clouds, Lu Licheng said, "Zhongnan Mountain is in that direction. Wang Wei lived in seclusion in Zhongnan Mountain in his later years, and the famous poem" Zongnan Bie Ye "was written on this mountain." I looked at the misty mountain peaks and intoned, "It's a good way to be middle-aged, but it's in the south of the mountains in the evening.". Every time you come and go alone, you will know that you are successful and empty. Walk to the end of the water, sit and watch the clouds rise. An old man who happens to be on duty, talking and laughing, has no time to return. Lu Licheng looked at the long white clouds in the mountains and said, "With the mountains, there will be thousands of turns, and there will be no hundred miles of interesting roads.". The sound is noisy in the stone, and the color is quiet in the deep pine. When Li Bai entered Shu with a sword and Lu You rode a donkey out of Guanzhong, Wang Wei asked the woodcutter across the water, and his thoughts were leisurely. Lu Licheng seemed to know what I was thinking. Pointing to a giant tree on the hillside, he said,silk ficus tree, "It's a ginkgo tree known as a living fossil. People here like to call it a white fruit tree. It's at least a thousand years old." I gazed at the big tree and said, "Maybe Li Bai, Wang Wei and Lu You have all seen this tree. What a beautiful tree! We have come and gone, but it will always be there." Lu Licheng said with a smile, "There are many such big trees in the deep mountains. There is a large old ginkgo tree in a mountain depression in my home.". Because ginkgo blossoms at night and withers at dawn, people can often see ginkgo fruit, but it is difficult to see ginkgo blossom, but if you happen to see it, it is a rare beauty in life. I heard the yearning: "It's not the right time, but I can't see it." Tao Zi laughs: "Winter has the beauty of winter.". I have been to many places, in terms of scenery, we are not worse than anywhere else, beautiful mountains and rivers.. "Ah!" Following Lu Licheng's fingers, I saw a waterfall congealing into thousands of icicles, hanging in front of the steep rock wall. I didn't know what fruit was beside the pure white ice, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial banyan trees, but it was still bright red. In a sea of dark green pine and cypress, they jumped into my eyes unexpectedly, which made me exclaim. Tao Zi smirked. "Am I right?" "So beautiful!" I exclaimed. "We have no industry here because of the inconvenience of transportation, but also because there is no industry, so there is no pollution, the landscape here is primitive and simple." Tao Zi's heart is full of love for his hometown, and he is not stingy to praise it. It got dark early in the winter, and we were in the mountains. It was already dark at five o'clock. My sense of exhaustion gradually came up. Lu Licheng said in a low voice, "You sleep for a while first. When you arrive, I'll call you." I shook my head. "How long will it take?" Tao Zi said: "There is still more than an hour, after a while, the mobile phone should have a signal, you can call home first." Just then, my cell phone rang, and Lin Yilian's voice echoed in the carriage. The wind blows fiercely in the field. Wait for a mind to turn, wait for a tide of love to surge, meet you across the world, who can be indifferent, such as the eternal sky.. Do not want to be afraid that it is useless, if the tide of love is surging, who can calmly, easily let go of the shadow of love. Like the surge of the waves, like the melting of ice and snow, the heart only secretly moves foolishly. Lu Licheng heard the song and looked at me. I rummaged through my cell phone and finally found it in the interlayer of my handbag. I quickly answered, "Hello?" "Finally got through, has been said outside the service area, I want to think Lu Licheng sold you.". But I think you're just like this. You have no beauty at all, and no one wants you! Malatang never forgets to hurt me. If you have something to say, don't talk nonsense! When my mobile phone roaming does not cost money? "Have you arrived yet?" Still on the way. ” "My God!"! You have a flight at seven in the morning, and his house is really out of the way. "The scenery along the way is picturesque and dazzling." "Are you nervous?" I pondered a little while, scold past: "You are neuropathy!"! I had already forgotten, and you came to remind me that I was nervous now! Malatang giggled, "It's just a visit to my future parents-in-law!"! Don't be nervous. Lu Licheng's family is prosperous. We are not weak. His family dares to bully you. Song Yi and I will kick their field. I asked her, "Don't you have a plane at six o'clock?"? Not going to dinner? Are you free to grind your teeth with me? Malatang was silent, as if he wanted to say something, but he could not say it. I waited quietly. After a while, she said, "I'm just calling to make sure you're safe. There's nothing serious. Hang up." "Wait!" I thought about it and said, "My phone is always on. Call me whenever you want to talk." Malatang gently "um": "Manman, so many days can not see you, I will miss you. I gasped, indicating that she was completely sour: "There is no proof, buy me more gifts is the last word." Malatang hung up the phone, I held the phone in a daze, Tao Zi asked with a smile: "Aunt Su's good friend?" "Mmm." Seeing Tao Zi's grinning expression, I suddenly realized that my cell phone was leaking and explained with a headache: "My friend is a neuropathy with intermittent attacks. Don't take her words seriously. Your uncle and I.." We're just friends. Tao Zi smiles: "I know, I know." His smile had a lot of meaning, and the more he painted it,outdoor ficus tree, the darker it became. I just shut up. At six o'clock, I finally arrived at Lu Licheng's house. The car was still some distance away from the yard. Dogs were already barking and people were shouting. When I saw the dark shadows in the yard, my legs really began to weaken: "How many people are there in your family?"? I remember you have only one sister and one brother. Lu Licheng also has some headaches: "Many people are relatives. People in the countryside like to be lively. This is a way for them to show their friendliness." 。

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