Volume 04 (end of the book)

"Drunken Immortal" went on to say: "With regard to the punishment of Huang Tianhu


"Drunken Immortal" went on to say: "With regard to the punishment of Huang Tianhu, the following decision has been made through my agreement with Lao Zu of Chashan." All the heroes stared nervously at the two Wulin celebrities. Drunken immortal real person "paused, laughed:" "First, Huang Tianhu apologized to Qing'er face to face, and his attitude should be sincere. Second, I and the'Old Master of Tea Mountain 'betrothed Qing'er and Miss Liu to Huang Tianhu in front of all the heroes in the world. Huang Tianhu must not disobey orders and treat the two girls well in the future." yuan Yihe shouted: "You are too partial!" We didn't ask you. What are you messing around with? Huang Tianhu, what do you mean? "I accept the punishment of the two predecessors!" Then he really walked up to Ye Qingqing and said: "Green sister, I apologize to you, I promise this will never happen again!"! Liu Hongyan a Yang fist way: "If you bully Qingmei again in the future, I won't forgive you first!" Huang Tianhu was so frightened that he shrank his head and the heroes burst out laughing. Ye Qingqing suddenly felt infinite warmth in his heart. The tenth chapter breaks the group of evil. "Tea Mountain Lao Zu" coughed and said: "All the chivalrous elites in the world are basically here now. Although we have a large number of people, we lack a unified organization and command. Once we really fight, we will be a bit leaderless. Naturally, we all come for the ambition of eliminating demons and defending the Tao. So we have to put forward a person who can co-ordinate the overall situation and give orders. What's your opinion?" The Shaolin and Wudang factions were the first to agree, and the heroes responded one after another. Of course, this important task is duty-bound to fall on Huang Tianhu. Because he is not only unparalleled, but also familiar with the enemy's situation, this time Huang Tianhu did not refuse, ready to kill demons, show his magic hand, meritorious service to atone for his sins. Order everyone to prevent the enemy from attacking, strengthen the alert,outdoor palm trees, and then go inside with Qunhao to discuss the strategy of annihilating demons! yuan Yihe said: "Now we have a large number of experts and a large number of troops. Besides, Hu'er and Qing'er are familiar with the Demon Cave. We'll go straight to the Demon Officer and kill him." Several impatient people even called it good. Huang Tianhu pondered: "But that'Hell God religion 'is easy to defend and difficult to attack, we take the initiative to attack, the odds are not sure!" "Now the Demon Sect has added quite a few masters of the underworld, such as Master Dulan and Evergreen Fairy, almost all of whom appear in Motianling. It's very dangerous to storm. I think it's better to stay put. I believe that with Bai Yumei's impetuosity and eagerness to succeed, she will certainly attack on a large scale. So-one." Before he had finished speaking,Faux cherry blossom tree, news came from outside that a large number of enemies had come. This night, the moon is in the sky and the stars are twinkling. I saw more than one hundred black-clad believers, surrounded by a coquettish woman wearing a phoenix crown and a black satin robe with nine phoenixes in the morning sun! Huang tianhu eyes shot divine light, toward the "blood lewd fox" Bai Yumei way: "You are really here, temptress." White jade mei was livid, harsh voice way: "Huang Tianhu, you have repeatedly ruined my good deeds, and this time I will not forgive you." Huang Tianhu looked up and laughed. "Ha ha, joke, what good can the White Lady of the Hell Demon Sect do?" White jade mei willow eyebrow a pick way: "The general altar of this religion is located in Motianling, but you have gathered all the people here. Your intention is to be an enemy of this religion. How can you allow others to lie on the side of the bed?"! Besides, if you sneak into this religion and abduct my daughter, why don't you hand her over? Suddenly, a girl in white came out and looked at Bai Yumei coldly and said: "Bai Yumei, although you are my biological mother, outdoor ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, you abandoned me when I was young and killed my father. I have released you once in Wudang Mountain. We have broken up. My name is Ye Qingqing, not your daughter!" Bai Yu-mei shivered, then snorted coldly: "The world's most perverse words, you actually speak out, mother this you do not think of words, but--" She said here, looking around: "Take it down!" Blue sky double strange hand long sword, preemptive vertical out, residual eyebrow a lift, said: "Girl, you are such a heresy. Why don't you hurry up and die?" Ye Qingqing was used by Bai Yumei, who had long thought of this bad breath, but did not answer. As soon as he bit his silver teeth, he swung his sword and stabbed the two monsters fiercely. Qingtian Shuangguai hurriedly raised his sword to the shelf. When the three swords touched each other, a string of sparks immediately burst out. Shuangguai's two swords sank. He was surprised: This girl is really good. Her internal force is so strong. The two monsters were startled, but their swords were like rain in their hands. They were all killing fiercely. The sword rainbow scurried around, and its moves were extremely fierce. Ye Qingqing was covered in the curtain of the sword. He was not impatient. The sword turned into an arc. It was too late to speak. At that time, he heard two screams. The big monster was hit by the sword in his chest. Red blood was spilled all over the floor. The two monsters' eyes were punctured, and their eyes were broken. They fainted from the pain. When Bai Yumei got off on the wrong foot, she was very angry. With a wave of her hand, she shouted: "Kill!" The group of demons, like great scourges, came to Qunhao to hide and kill. Huang Tianhu is busy organizing a group of heroes to meet the enemy, each looking for an opponent. The Seven Swords of Wudang blocked the "Three Evil and Seven Evil", and the thirty-six ghosts were trapped by the thirteen stick monks of Shaolin. "Bloody Fox" Bai Yumei was still smiling at first, thinking that the attack of three fierce and seven fierce and thirty-six ghosts would easily win, and that it would not be good to cooperate from inside to outside. But as soon as these people entered the enemy line, they were no longer able to rush out, and then she saw the crisis, but it was too late. The more Bai Yumei looked at it, the more frightened she became. She was so surprised that Yurong changed miserably. She thought to herself: In this battle, we can only succeed, not fail. If we fail unfortunately, all our previous efforts will be wasted. Thinking like this, she felt even more uneasy. Fortunately, at this time, the two sides fought fiercely, and there were no casualties on her side, so she felt a little relieved. Another hour passed, and the day dawned. The stars are shining, the moon is setting, the darkness is fading away, and an unprecedented fierce struggle is going on under the Skyscraper Ridge. Huang Tianhu's eyes were wide open, his sword was shining, and those who blocked him were invincible. He killed eighteen demons. In a short while, his whole body was splashed with blood,faux grass wall, but he had killed them like crazy. No one could stop him. Before he arrived, the demons were busy avoiding him. Ye Qingqing's white clothes fluttered and his sword pointed east and west. The meat ball swordsman was forced to hide here and there. The meat ball rolled around, but it could not escape the control of Ye Qingqing's sword. hacartificialtree.com

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