Black bag group of the goddess of war

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"Does my father think I can't?" As a result, Dongshu simply ignored Su Shangchun,

"Does my father think I can't?" As a result, Dongshu simply ignored Su Shangchun, but turned his head and asked Su Lianshen with some expectations. Su Lianshen was pleasantly surprised at Dongshu's opinion and felt that Dongshu used to be playful, so he did not show his talent in business. As soon as he showed it now, he was simply amazed. At this time, Dongshu in Su Lianshen's eyes, is already half of the God of wealth. Look at the account book, delimit the account, is also a normal thing. He said he wanted to give the family property to Dongshu, but it was not aimless. Dongshu is backed by the Qi family, which can give a lot of help to the Su family. Really give the family property to Dongshu, and then recruit a son-in-law back, in fact, it is no big deal. The Su family is still his, the child also has the blood of the Su family, the child is also surnamed Su, but also through the Qi family will make the Su family bigger, what is not good? With such an idea, it is not a big problem to show the account book to Dongshu again. As soon as Su Shangchun opened his mouth, Su Lianshen knew that the child was probably looking hot, jealous, and unable to sit still. Su Lianshen can understand, but for the expansion of the family business, expand the interests of this matter, even his own son can not stop him. Moreover, Su Shangchun has means and ambition, but. Courage is still too small,faux ficus tree, many times, simply dare not let go of the hands and feet to do, too much time to look ahead and back. Sometimes, the opportunity is fleeting, you are so hesitant, no matter how many opportunities have slipped away, who will wait for you in situ? If you can't seize the opportunity, it's like you can't seize the money. Su Lianshen was not particularly satisfied with Su Shangchun's indecision. However, compared with Su Tongchun, his talent is better. He took the two brothers with him all the time,artificial grass panels, and by the way, he wanted to see his youngest son. Su Lianshen needs to refer to it and then see which son is suitable. But now, Dongshu appeared. Although it is a daughter, but as long as he wants, he is willing, this daughter is not unable to support the Su family. What's more, there is the Qi family behind it. My Su Lianshen's daughter, how can not, Qin Ru, you are the father's pride. Su Lianshen felt that Dongshu's thinking was still creative, more powerful than Westerners, and at this time, he was not stingy with his praise. For Su Shangchun's sour words, he did not say much, the meaning of cold treatment is very obvious. Su Shangchun himself did not expect that after he said a sour word, Dongshu did not even pay attention to it, and directly used Su Lianshen to attack and satirize him. This makes Su Shangchun heart extremely unwilling, originally just planned, to destroy Dongshu, silk cherry blossom tree ,fake blossom tree, so that she has no chance to become the first succession candidate in Su Lianshen's heart. Because of all kinds of concerns, Su Shangchun is still hesitating. But now.. Su Shangchun felt that the follow-up ending might not be easy to do, but he still had to do it. He wants Dong-su dead!!! Dong Shu:?? After a while, Su Shangchun was sent to the first floor by Su Lianshen to help. Is this taking him as a buddy? Su Shangchun's self-esteem suffered a serious blow, the whole person is not very good. However, in order to maintain his honest and gentle young master, he had to suppress his black face and laugh at every fellow. In fact, the heart has been scolding each other. Dong Shu is too lazy to pay more attention to him, or look at the account book, grasp the economic lifeline in hand, is the most important. The whole Su family is in their own hands, everyone needs to look at their own face to eat, then they dare to mess up? Maybe, I really dare. When Su Shangchun went downstairs just now, his face was not angry and hostile, and he always felt that he could not say that he was going to make a big move. Originally, the three rooms have been unable to sit still. Dongshu sat and waited for the other side to open up, and then opened up herself. The advantage of relying on the mother of the big brother is probably krypton gold at any time. Kryptonite player, skill has no cooldown. East Shu stayed in the shop for a day, the account book will look at, the shop's monthly profits, the heart also knows. Dongshu put forward some suggestions for improvement, Su Lianshen is still considering, but has moved the mind, this Dongshu can see. The other side is still a little hesitant, after a few days, it is estimated that it will be clear, and it is not urgent. Because Dongshu stayed in the shop for a day, so in the evening, the father and daughter went home in a car. Su Shangchun, of course, was taken back by the way. Su Lianshen was so devoted to chatting with Dongshu that he almost forgot that he still had a son to keep up with. Had it not been for Dongshu's reminder, Su Lianshen would have really forgotten. Father, brother Shang Chun is still here. Dongshu saw Su Lianshen directly into the car, beckoning Dongshu to go, smiling to remind a sentence. Chapter 3028 vicious female partner, online knife 27. A listen to Dongshu remind, Su Lianshen this just reacts to come over, full of business, but forget this matter. With a gentle smile on his face, he could not see any embarrassment and answered, "Well, let him sit in the front." Su Shangchun did not fail to see the stiffness of that second. The more I saw it, the more I felt pain in my eyes, and the more uncomfortable I felt in my heart. He originally thought that the two sons of the family had been defeated, and that the family was his own. But now there is another Cheng Yaojin. Especially at this time, compared with the attention Dongshu received from Su Lianshen, what's the difference between this day and a fellow? Su Shangchun thought heavily on the car, but Su Lianshen didn't care at all. Listen, Dongshu is talking about creativity. The father and daughter chatted all the way back home, and Su Lianshen saw that he had no intention of going to another room. Even his favorite Duan Shi did not go there, but went directly to the main courtyard. Su Shangchun did not say a word, or even failed to fight for his mother, Su Lianshen had already walked briskly into the main courtyard. Su Shangchun looked behind him and gritted his teeth. Three days later, the latest batch of medicinal materials arrived, Dongshu personally took people to the dock to pick up the goods, because there are Qi family people, Dongshu also said hello to each other. Because of this matter, Qi Shi also went out. In order to introduce people to Dongshu naturally,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and then support them. Su Lianshen is happy to see such a result, especially after Dongshu walked around the dock, the position here in Su Lianshen is higher.

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