Xuan Ji's ethereal steps

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However, he answered without a care, "How can the younger generation know?"? "

However, he answered without a care, "How can the younger generation know?"? "You'll never believe that I built this iron prison!" The man exclaimed with deep emotion. Luo Tien-tsu was shocked and surprised. "What?" He said? Did you build this iron prison? The man said proudly, "If it weren't for my'Ghost Hand Lu Ban 'Gong Shuliang, who else in the world could have designed such an ingenious mechanism?"? In fact, I drew not only this iron prison, but also the entire secret fortress. Otherwise, how could they have discovered your whereabouts? Confused, Lo Tien-tsu asked, "Since you designed all this yourself, why did you trap yourself?" Gong Shuliang said, "This is called the taboo of high merit. If my craftsmanship is not too good, how can I tie myself up and harm myself?" Luo Tien-tsu said, "Since you designed the mechanism yourself, can't you break it?" Gong Shuliang gave a wry smile and said, "Broken!"! This iron prison was originally specially designed for people who are highly skilled in martial arts or who know how to ambush. If I were driven inside and could go out at will, could I still be called the'Ghost Hand Lu Ban '? Luo Tianci said, "Don't you want to prevent them from doing this?" Gong Shuliang said, "My friend, do you know my relationship with the Lord of the Secret Castle?" Luo Tianci said, "Are you a friend?" Gong Shuliang said, "We are deeper than friends. We are brothers who have learned from the same teacher." "Brother," said Luo Tien-tsu, "so he knows how to design!" Gong Shuliang said,large artificial blossom trees, "If he knew, he wouldn't have invited me!" "Why?" Said Mr Law. Gong Shuliang said, "Although we are the same teacher, what we learn is different. What I learn is skill, and what he learns is strategy!" Luo Tianci was puzzled and said, "In that case, he has no reason to be jealous of you!" Gong Shuliang said, "He is afraid that I will be used by others!" Luo Tianci said, "You have turned against each other!" Gong Shuliang said,large ficus tree, "No!" Luo Tianci said, "He can't afford you!" Gong Shuliang said, "Do you think so?" "Did you ever want to leave him?" Said Luo Tianci. Gong Shuliang said, "No!" "That's strange," said Luo Tianci! There is no reason why he must open you up. Gong Shuliang said, "Of course!" Confused, Luo Tianci said, "Why?" Gong Shuliang said, "Because my disposition is too upright!"! Do you need me? Get in the way? Don't you? Afraid of leaking secrets. So they just opened me up! Luo Tien-tsu suddenly said, "I see. Your brother's mind is a bit too bad. Didn't you see it before?" Gong Shuliang said in a resentful voice, "If you could see it before, what else would you say?"! Alas! Don't talk about this matter! It's important for us to discuss business. By the way, I haven't asked for your name yet. Luo Tien-tsu said, "I don't deserve it. The younger generation's surname is Luo, and their given name is Tien-tsu. I don't know what the older generation wants to discuss." Gong Shuliang said, "Don't you want to get out of trouble?" Luo Tien-tsu said, faux ficus tree ,silk olive tree, "Of course I want to, but the older generation didn't say that the organs here.." "That was before," said Gong Shuliang. "Now there's a way," exulted Luo Tien-tsu. "Of course," said Gong Shuliang, "but if he hadn't locked you up next to me, I wouldn't have dared to say that!" Luo Tianci said, "What does that have to do with the younger generation being locked up?" Gong Shuliang said, "Why not? It's a big deal." "Why?" Said Mr Law. Gong Shuliang said, "Your skill!" Luo Tien-tsu said, "What's the use of that? Not only did that punch not break the steel wall, it almost hurt itself." Gong Shuliang said, "If you add me in, it will be different!" Luo Tien-tsu suddenly said, "Ah, I see. You mean you want us to cooperate!" Gong Shuliang said, "Yes, that's the way it is. This iron prison can't be broken by its own skill. If you know how to ambush alone, because the buttons are all outside the prison, there's nothing you can do. Even if you have great skill and know how to ambush, if you don't know the structure of the mechanism, there's nothing you can do!" Lo Tien-tsu could not help feeling discouraged and said, "What else is there to talk about?" Gong Shuliang said, "Don't forget, I'm the designer of the office!" Luo Tianci said, "Since the switches are all outside, what is the use?" Gong Shuliang said, "Who says it's useless? As long as you have the ability to get out of the prison, I can turn on the switch." "Really?" Asked Luo Tianci excitedly. Gong Shuliang said, "If you have the ability to get out of the prison, I'm sure you can open the mechanism.". But you have to listen to me! Luo Tien-tsu almost jumped to his feet with joy and said, "That's great. Please tell the elder!" "Wait a minute," said Gong Shuliang. "Do you know how to transmit force between objects? If you do, it will be much easier. Otherwise, there will be some trouble." "That's not a problem," said Luo Tien-tsu hurriedly. "The younger generation is confident that they can go as far as a hundred feet!"! Is that enough? "That's enough," said Gong Shuliang with great excitement! Enough! That's enough. As long as we can get one foot out, it will be enough. Then, even if that ungrateful fellow stays outside, we won't have to worry about not being able to open it! Lo Tien-tsu said, "Old timer, please hurry up!" Gong Shuliang thought for a moment and said, "Don't panic. Your fingers are a few inches long from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger. Can you tell me first?" "Why do you ask that?" Asked Luo Tianci in confusion. Gong Shuliang said, "So I can tell you to calculate the position!" Luo Tianci hesitated for a moment and said, "This, this.." As soon as Gong Shuliang heard that he already knew what he meant, he quickly asked, "Don't you know?" Luo Tien-tsu said hesitantly, "The younger generation doesn't know what kind of ruler the older generation used. How can I say that?". Gong Shuliang said, "Of course it's the size that's commonly used outside today!" Luo Tien-tsu felt very embarrassed and said, "I just don't know how long this size is!" Gong Shuliang could not help but be stunned for a moment and said, "This, this,artificial plant wall panels, this is troublesome." After a pause, he suddenly said, "It doesn't matter. I have a plan." 。 hacartificialtree.com

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