Mining Locomotive supply

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Mining Locomotive supplyMining Locomotive supplyMining Locomotive supply

Mining Locomotive supply Product Information The electric shunting locomotives RD strictly implement the requirements of promoting the intelligent and green development of rail transit industry, and has the characteristics of green energy conservation, intelligent convenience, safety and reliability. It is estimated that this locomotive can save more than 20% energy compared with the traditional diesel shunting locomotive, and each vehicle can reduce carbon emissions by about 100 tons every year. It also has customized "warm keeping measures" to easily pull 5000 tons and quickly complete train formation without fear of severe cold. The聽electric shunting locomotives adopt the automatic conversion technology with network and without network, which can reduce the labor intensity of drivers and passengers and reduce manual manipulation errors. It is equipped with on-board intelligent center and wireless transmission technology, which can transmit locomotive status information to the ground in real time, establish a "train ground integration" information platform, and ensure the effective operation of the locomotive. It adopts resistance speed regulation, and the speed can be controlled by changing the resistance value. Its reversing speed regulation adopts copper contact, which has a long service life and is not easy to burn out. Parameter We Are Experts In Mining Equipment Our Factory Package and Delivery Our Certification Mining Locomotive supply website:

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