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Li Shuangyan is very serious, listen to Li Qiye's teaching, she was born to be the emperor's body, the emperor's

Li Shuangyan is very serious, listen to Li Qiye's teaching, she was born to be the emperor's body, the emperor's wheel holy life, such as her talent can be said to be one of the few in the world, is absolutely the genius of genius. For a genius like her, the only limitation is the skill, because after all, the Nine Saints Demon Gate has never been the inheritance of the immortal emperor. For a genius like her, if she can bear the skill of the emperor, it will be even worse. However, for monks, the wheel of longevity and the palace of life can not be changed, this is born, it is born to be the wheel of the emperor, can not be promoted to the holy wheel, only the constitution can be promoted to a higher level through training. For Li Shuangyan, the imperial body is far from enough, if she can practice into the immortal body, then she can really have a chance to win the peak in the future. There are six characters in Ti Shu, and the extreme of each character is the body art that can produce two kinds of immortal bodies. If Li Shuangyan wants to practice immortal body, then she must practice "unsullied body". And "unsullied body", out of the word "Qing",cold drawn tubes, to Qing, is the art of the two immortal bodies, respectively, "unsullied immortal" and "flying immortal body"! Now, what Li Qiye taught Li Shuangyan was the immortal body art of "Unsullied Body", one of the two major body arts of the Qing Dynasty! Li Shuangyan is gifted, Li Qiye only said once, she will be able to remember the "unsullied body" of the immortal body art, when she remembered this unsullied body body art,Precision steel tubes, her heart shock, this is the most profound and mysterious body art she has ever come into contact with, even if the genius such as her, I am afraid it can not fully understand the profound meaning. Fortunately, Li Qiye explained the ultimate mystery of "Unsullied Body" for her. When listening to Li Qiye's explanation, this is the real shock to Li Shuangyan. As the favored daughter of heaven, as the imperial body of the holy order, she is definitely one of the best geniuses in today's large and medium domains. When she listens to the art of immortal body of "unsullied body", even if she is a genius, she is afraid that she will not be able to fully understand the ultimate meaning of this art even if she practices for a hundred years. However, now Li Qiye is talking about it, from simple to complex, then shallow to broad! This is not like a 14-year-old boy! He is the supreme master of a generation. Li Shuangyan, of course, did not know that Li Qiye had spent countless years on Ti Shu. He had spent tens of millions of years trying to figure out Ti Shu and understand Ti Shu. In the process of trying to figure out Ti Shu, he had absorbed the essence of immortal emperors, aluminium coated steel tube ,aluminium coated tubes, human sages and so on. Of course, this was not what Li Shuangyan, a young genius, could compare with. I have explained the body art for you. As for how much you really understand, I still have to tell you about your own practice. If you can't even become an unsullied body like this, I can only say that you are the biggest fool in the world, and I have misjudged him. After teaching, Li Qiye said to Li Shuangyan. Is there any defect in this body art when it is connected with the body of the Yuqing Sacred Heart Art I practiced? Li Shuangyan took a long time to come to his senses and asked. Tired, the third more finally came, the writer is really tragic, even no one to do the meal, escape, go out to eat. Ask for a ticket by the way. Chapter 88 Unsullied Immortal Body (Part Two). ? Chapter 88 unsullied immortal body. (Lower) Li Qiye smiled and said, "If all the body skills I passed on can have problems in connection, then there is no perfect body skill in the world!"! This body art can completely fuse the physique practiced by your Yuqing Sacred Heart Art. This body art is the body art of the ultimate ancestor of the unsullied body! As soon as Li Qiye said this, Li Shuangyan felt a shock in her heart. This was tantamount to admitting one thing, which made Li Shuangyan look at Li Qiye incredibly. She hesitated for a while and finally said: "This body art.." "Yes, this art is from Ti Shu." Li Qiye interrupted her guess, looked her in the eye, and said, "But this is only for you to know, understand?" Li Shuangyan nodded gently, but she still felt incredible. She looked at Li Qiye and said, "But, I, I heard that Ti Shu has not been born for millions of years!"! I've never even heard of anyone getting a book from heaven! Nine Heavenly Books and Nine Heavenly Treasures are the ultimate existence in the world. For monks, nothing is more precious than Nine Heavenly Books and Nine Heavenly Treasures. However, throughout the ages, it has never been said that someone has received one of the nine heavenly books and one of the nine heavenly treasures! The Nine Heavenly Books or the Nine Heavenly Treasures have never appeared in the world. Therefore, all the monks have believed that the Nine Heavenly Books and the Nine Tianbao are just made up by some people, and there is no such thing in the world at all. What's so strange about that? Li Qiye smiled gracefully and said, "After the pioneer era, Ti Shu has never appeared in the world." Ever since he got the Book of Style, it has been treasured by him. For thousands of years, few people have really seen the Book of Style. Li Shuangyan looked at Li Qiye. In the end, she didn't know what to say. To be honest, if Li Qiye hadn't passed on her unsullied body, if Li Qiye himself had said that he was holding the immortal art of Ti Shu, she wouldn't have believed that a 14-year-old man was holding the immortal art of Ti Shu? I'm afraid everyone in the world thinks he's bragging. Do you have any questions? Finally, Li Qiye said. Li Shuangyan hesitated for a moment and finally said, "Are there any flaws in my longevity and life skills?" As a genius, she asked a little man who was younger than her for advice. If others saw it, it would be incredible. In fact, when Li Shuangyan saw Li Qiye pointing out the affairs of Nan Huairen, she could not help but be moved by it. She also wanted to ask Li Qi for advice. However, she was so arrogant that she could not pull down the shelf in her heart. Now, after she made an oath with her true life, this was to close the distance between her and Li Qiye. Therefore, she opened her mouth to ask for advice. Li Qiye took one look at her and said, "In terms of life skills, the'Phoenix Negative Skill 'you have practiced is no longer picky. This skill was passed down from your ancestors,side impact door beams, but it was not created by the ancestors of your Nine Holy Demons.". Don't just focus on the emperor, in fact, sometimes the emperor is not the most perfect choice. 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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