Qiankun Black Dragon Sword

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Three big men with fierce faces were sitting around the square table drinking, but at this time they were staring at the handsome scholar and the book boy suspiciously and angrily.

Three big men with fierce faces were sitting around the square table drinking, but at this time they were staring at the handsome scholar and the book boy suspiciously and angrily. In addition, there were three single beds beside the inner stone wall, and two people were sleeping soundly, not being woken up by the cries of the scholar's master and servant. Apart from several handles and pull rings on the stone walls on both sides of the stone chamber, there is no other place to divide the eyes. Therefore Moments later, Wang Erlang, the "magic boy", opened the stone door again and made a gesture to the sparse trees under the rock wall. Suddenly I saw more than twenty figures jumping out of the woods, flying again and again. About a cup of tea. Jun Yi and the "Demon Boy" Wang Erlang walked again to the mountains which were still more than thirty feet high. The "Tianxin Fort" was accompanied by the "Big Dipper Landlord" in the "Tianji, Tianquan, Yuxi" three landlords, as well as 20 grey-clothed Fort Ding, who stayed in the stone room waiting for orders. The north side of the ridge is the back of the "Xianxia Palace", which is a steep cliff more than forty feet high, and even apes can hardly climb it. At this time, in the dense forest under the cliff, gray shadows flashed rapidly, and two old men over sixty years old swept the front of the rock wall. After groping between the rock walls for a moment, they heard the old man on the right side shout in a low voice of surprise: "I found it!" Suddenly there was a dull gliding sound, and one side of the stone wall slowly shrank inward,foldable bulk container, revealing a dark passage about six feet high and two feet wide. Two grey-haired old men immediately flashed in, and not long after, they saw a man summoning to the dense forest along the mouth. Suddenly, they saw Gongsun Wu, the second castle owner of "Tianxin Castle" with crane hair, beauty and tall stature, shooting into the cave like an illusion. Then came the fourth floor of "Tianji,wholesale plastic pallet, Tianxuan, Kaiyang and Shaoguang" in the "Big Dipper Landlord", followed by six grey-haired old men in their sixties who were about the same age as the old man. There are twenty big men in gray also in order to rush in. After they entered the cave, they immediately stuck to the wall in silence, thinking that they had not disturbed the people in the cave before they slowly went deep, while the "Tianshu Landlord" and two old men with gray hair automatically guarded the cave door with six big men in gray clothes. Under the flash of fire, there were already four fire branches, which were crossed by six grey-haired old men to clear the way. About five of them had reached the bottom of the cave, and at the top was a dark and high stone courtyard. Two fort master Sun Wu followed up, looked up for a while and nodded slightly. A flower-haired old man immediately shook an iron handle along the wall three times from side to side, and then pulled it down again. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a creaking chain grinding on the top of the stone well. Then, a large iron cage that could accommodate three people standing side by side was hung down by a chain as thick as his youngest son's arm. Without hesitation, three grey-haired old men immediately entered the cage. Another grey-haired old man immediately shook his left and right sides three times and then pushed up. Suddenly, he saw that the cage had risen slowly again, heavy duty plastic pallet ,euro plastic pallet, and then disappeared in the dark courtyard. Less than a moment. In fact, I heard several exclamations and muffled hums, and then there was silence. The cage fell and rose again, and after seven times, they had reached the top of the stone well, which was twenty feet high. It was a stone chamber with huge iron gears on it. There were seven men upside down on the floor of the stone chamber. On the left side of the stone chamber was a passage, and three feet away was a staircase rising obliquely. In the stone room left "Shaking Light Landlord" and four big men in gray clothes, Gongsun Castle Lord waved again. The two grey-haired old men crossed and stepped on the stone steps. After walking about ten steps, they suddenly heard a muffled hum from the old man. Then they gasped and said in a low voice: "Fort.." Lord. Careful Stone. Order.. Looking carefully, I saw that the grey-haired old man was stabbed by two rows of steel spears between the stone walls in three places on his body, and a steel spear running through his chest in the back made the grey-haired old man unable to support himself and died quickly. With an angry look on his face and a snort of anger, the Lord of Gongsun Castle shot up and broke three steel spears with his left palm. He picked up the body of the grey-haired old man with his right hand and swept back. When everyone looked sad, the body was handed over to the "Shaking Light Landlord" to take care of, and several big men in gray clothes immediately carried seven big men in blue clothes who had fallen to the ground to the new cave entrance. Lord Gongsun Castle waved his hand, and the two landlords, Tianxuan and Kaiyang, threw the bodies of the seven big men in Tsing Yi into the steps in turn. They immediately touched the traps one by one, only to see the featherless short arrows, guillotine knives, venom, turning boards, knife mountains, and wolf awl teeth all exposed one by one. Under the turning boards were countless poisonous snake wells. After passing through the steps in silence, they entered a large stone room, which had a radius of ten feet and was brightly lit at a glance. There are two stone gates on each side of the stone chamber, and in front of it is a stone step passage rising obliquely. More than ten people scattered on both sides of the four stone gates, see inside is a table bed all accommodation stone room, there are more than ten big fellow or sleep or chat or drink. Seeing this, Lord Gongsun had a cruel sneer on his face and made a gesture of slanting split. Suddenly, he saw more than ten people rushing into four stone rooms. In the brief screams and muffled snorts, none of the big men in Tsing Yi was alive. After checking, the two grey-haired old men swept back to Ishii and replaced the "Shaking Light Landlord", and the "Shaking Light Landlord" led six big men in grey to step up the stairs. In front of the main entrance of "Xianxia Palace" in the south, there is a broad flagstone road with three gold characters "Xianxia Palace" carved on a tall stone archway, and in front of the archway is a sloping mountain road that can accommodate two carts in parallel. In the middle of the mountain, there is a "Xianxia Palace Lower House", which is not as broad and magnificent as the "Xianxia Palace", but it is also a three-storey building. In the lobby of the building, a big man in Tsing Yi hurried up the left staircase. As he climbed up to the door of a living room on the second floor, he immediately shouted, "Report to the head of the courtyard. My subordinates have something urgent to report." "Well.." Say After hearing the gruff voice from the cabinet, the big man in Tsing Yi immediately said in a loud voice, "Report to the head of the courtyard. The messages sent back from the checkpoint at the foot of the mountain road today are all different. They are all old messages that change every day. They are completely different from today's messages. Zhu Hufa thinks they are different, so he orders his subordinates to come and report to the head of the courtyard." "Oh?"? Is there such a thing? Then why don't you send someone down the hill to check? Out of a round cave door came a purple-robed old man with white hair, square eyelids, broad mouth and lion nose,plastic pallet supplier, who was over ninety years old, and kept rolling two iron balls in his hands. When the big fellow in Tsing Yi heard this, he immediately bowed down and reported:. cnplasticpallet.com

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