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"What's wrong?" They all asked in unison. I always feel that it's going a little better, but I'm afraid there's


"What's wrong?" They all asked in unison. I always feel that it's going a little better, but I'm afraid there's a trick in it. Qin Shubao said with a wry smile. Shi Danai shook his head and said, "If this goes well, there really won't be anything bad that day.". Xiao Shangshu was detained, we came a long way, Lu Laosan, Zhou Muru fall unknown. We were trapped in a tight encirclement and almost died. If it hadn't been for the king of Xiliang, there would have been fewer people alive. Besides, although you have solved the poison of Ah Rust and the fourth brother, Brother Qin, you are tortured by the seven emotions every day. Is this also called smooth? The crowd was gloomy, and the heart said that this trip to Ba was really full of hardships. "Brother Qin," said Ah Rust suddenly, "I'd rather.. I'm the one in the middle of the seven love! The fourth brother also nodded and said, "Brother Qin is very kind. I will never forget it." Although both of them are grateful, the meaning is very different. The fourth brother just wants to save his life and repay it with his life. Rust is thinking, I would rather be in the seven emotions, her eyes, can take a fancy to me. Qin Shubao said with a smile, "It's not worth mentioning.". When I say smooth, of course, I'm not fighting with Li Xiaogong. In fact, Li Xiaogong is so scheming that it is shocking to think about it. If it were not for the king of the Western Liang Dynasty, it would be really difficult to deal with it. But big Miao Wang this side is smooth too much, even if refused to propose marriage, I see aside, always feel that he is expected. Xiao Buyi's heart moved. "Brother Qin, do you think his marriage proposal is a test?" "That's true." Qin Shubao said thoughtfully, "At that time,naringenin price, I felt that his marriage proposal was just a cover, and I had already prepared for your refusal.". And seven tea alliance, this tea drink faster, I am afraid there is fraud. The crowd was stunned. "What's the plot?" "I'm guessing, too." Qin Shubao said with a wry smile, "People don't hurt the tiger. The tiger eats people's hearts. But I don't know what else they have to prepare. It will take ten days."? Really want to see the saint, there is a mysterious sacrifice, three divisions, plus a big Miao Wang and Yunshui, Shi Gu mysterious, we are not careful,akba boswellic acid, I am afraid the whole army will be wiped out there. "If they did, they could have done it long ago, without having to see the saint." Xiao Buyi said thoughtfully, "But it's always right for everyone to be careful.". I'll keep Bat and Laowu on the lookout. Everyone is nodding, in the heart startled, secretly think big Miao Wang to prepare for ten days to see the saint, do not know what earth-shaking move? Ten days is not short, but in worry, it is fleeting. Miao people only provide the necessary food and water, and the rest is up to you. Xiao Buyi, however, restrained his soldiers and could not walk around at will. The King of Miao never appeared again, and even Yunshui and Guliye did not show up. The days were spent in waiting and anxiety. On the tenth day, the sun was rising, the horn sounded, and then the Lusheng was melodious. Lang Ducha came to see Xiao Buyi early and said respectfully, "King of Xiliang, King of Damiao and Sansi are already waiting at the Moon Lake. Please take three of your men to the Moon Lake first, and then go to Mochizuki Peak.." See the saint. "Three men?" Xiao Buyi looked back. Shi Danai stood out first, "I count one." "" I'm one of them, carnosic acid price ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, "said Qin Shubao. The more they thought about it these days, the more frightened they were. They felt that this trip seemed peaceful, but it contained great hidden dangers. Of course, they didn't want Xiao Buyi to take risks alone. Ma Zhou wanted to recommend himself, but he finally held back. Now he needs someone with martial arts. He has no strength to tie a chicken. It is also a burden to go. Rust wanted to come forward, but finally stepped back, "Lao Si, you go." Struggling in his heart, he was not afraid of death, but he knew that the fourth brother was better than himself in martial arts. If he followed him, he would be more sure. The fourth brother nodded and said in a deep voice, "Good!" Text Section 411 Sky Ladder They decided to follow Lang Ducha to fight outside, riding out of the Miao village, around the mountain, along a valley into the Panlong Mountain. The road was rugged, and Lang Ducha pursed his lips and said nothing. Xiao Buyi frowned to himself, saying that the three sons of the King of Miao had a deep prejudice against him, and it would take some time to get rid of it. Winding around in the mountains, and so on after a valley, the front suddenly see the light, showing a large lake. The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, the lake is round, clear and clear, the breeze rises, the lake is green and sparkling, with little golden light. When everyone saw it, they were all open-minded. Seeing Da Miao Wang, San Si, Yun Shui, Gu Li Ye, and Dan Ba Jiu all on the other side of the lake, I thought to myself that this was probably the Moon Lake. The king of Miao asked Xiao Buyi to take only three of his men, and there were not many people on his side, and they were all people in the Miao village, which showed the importance he attached to this trip. When Qin Shubao saw this, his heart widened a little, and he thought to himself that although there were four of them, they might not have fallen behind. Can think of the other side of the mysterious poison, it is hard to avoid uneasiness. He has long put life and death aside, but this trip is important, is for the peace of the world, general Zhang throughout his life, just want to realize this wish, he should do his best. Shi Danai is ignorant and fearless, although know what poison, but secretly want to have a clear conscience, careful, also need not be afraid. Four people walked to the big Miao Wang's side, saw him trembling, not by all have doubts. There is a peak on the opposite side of the Moon Lake, which must be the Mochizuki Peak. No one thinks he can climb it. Seeing the four men approaching, the King of the Miao gave a deep salute and turned around to go to the peak first. The mountain path is rugged, and there is a path leading to the top of the mountain, but it gets steeper and steeper. Although Damiao Wang is old and walks slowly, he walks firmly and does not need support. Although the sweat slowly flowed down his forehead, he never stopped. Xiao Buyi and others all admired him and thought to themselves that he was respected by the Miao people. He is neither humble nor pushy, and he does everything himself, which is really commendable. Xiao Buyi also saw that the three divisions were all walking lightly. It was not difficult to climb the mountain, and I thought to myself that these three people were not only masters of magic. I'm afraid the skill is also brilliant, and I can't help being careful. Cloud water has been following the side of the Miao king, seemingly casual, but is carefully guarding the Miao king. But the three sons of the king of Miao were judged to be superior to each other. Lang Ducha killed calmly, and Gu Liye did not lag behind. Only Dan Bajiu was out of breath,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but he was not as energetic as the king of Miao. They walked in silence all the way. Mochizuki Peak by the solemn and solemn infection, the heart gradually Pure Brightness. In the middle of the climb, it was noon. prius-biotech.com

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