Copper Products China

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Copper Products ChinaCopper Products China

Copper Products China 1. Molecular Formula: CuCO3.Cu(OH)2.XH2O CAS NO.: 12069-69-1 2. Molecular Weight: 221.11( anhydrous basis) 3. Property: Light blue fine powder, with density of 3.85. 4. Sepcification(%): Cu56min Fe0.001max Ni0.001max Ca+Mg+Na0.003max Cl0.003max D5025um max D9030um max 5. Application: it is used for preparation of various copper compound; catalyst; plating and used in wood preservation field. 6. Packing: Net 25kg bags with pallet. 锛?0bags/1000kg/pallet锛?/p> 7. Other information Class 9; UN 3077.Copper Products China website:


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