Han Li calmly walked out of it. Participate in the lottery. How can the older generation have time to go to the place where the younger generation lives?

Han Li calmly walked out of it. Participate in the lottery. How can the older generation have time to go to the place where the younger generation lives? Han Lichong, a woman waiting in the cave mansion, bowed slightly and greeted respectfully. This woman has an elegant face and a slender body, which is the color flow of the crystal clan. Why, doesn't Han Daoyou welcome his concubine? But the woman said in a smiling voice. The senior is joking. The elder Cai was able to visit the cave mansion of the younger generation. At that time, the younger generation was eager for it. The Taoist friend Han Li naturally said with a smile, but his eyes turned and looked at the other person behind him. Behind the color flow, there stood another graceful woman, but wearing a white sè cloak, her face was also faintly covered by a group of crystal light, unable to see the appearance of her face. She is a newly accepted disciple. The beautiful woman of the crystal family did not say much, but gave a brief introduction. The woman just nodded and said nothing. Han Li saw this, naturally not good to ask what, can only directly ask these two people to sit in the house. Soon after, the three of them took their seats in the hall of Han Lidong Mansion. A humanoid puppet, immediately under the manipulation of Han Lishen, offered some spiritual fruits and a few cups of spiritual tea. The beautiful woman of the crystal clan personally tasted the spirit tea in the cup with high interest,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and as a result, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes. "What a strong aura.". It seems that the leaves of tea trees can only be produced for more than a thousand years. In particular, the tea tree itself is a rare species. In that case, this kind of spiritual tea is rarely sold in Yuncheng. After tasting a few mouthfuls, he could not help blurting out his praise. Since the older generation likes it, the younger generation still has some here,14 tube fitting, even if the younger generation is filial to the older generation. Han Li smiled when he saw this, and then he brushed his sleeve robe on the table, and a milky white sè box appeared on the table. Since Daoyou said so, I am not polite to accept it. I really like this tea. The beautiful woman of the crystal clan turned her eyes and said with a smile at the corners of her mouth. Z Chapter 1667 of the main text. Color flow said, jade hand a lift, the jade box out of thin air to take over, and then a flash disappeared. Han Li saw this smile, the following and color flow to talk about some topics on the practice, did not take the initiative to ask about the meaning of this woman. Crystal clan beautiful woman see Han Li such a move, the corners of the mouth with a smile, the same do not mention their own purpose of the east and west of a chat. This chat, a full hour passed. Both of them were calm and relaxed, stainless steel needle valve ,pipe fittings manufacturer, and could continue to chat for another hour. The woman in the white cloak was still silent, but she could not sit still. Faint through the veil of the eyes, kept in the Han Li and crystal family beauty two people back and forth scanning, quite some impatient look. Color flow see this scene, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but finally horizontal Han Li one eye, light in the mouth. Said with a smile: "Han Daoyou, I haven't seen you for only a few years. Your determination is very different from before. You haven't asked me the purpose of my visit until now.". Could it be that he has practiced some special secret art recently, or that his cultivation has risen sharply? The senior is joking. How can the younger generation talk about determination. It's just that the older generation didn't take the initiative. How dare the younger generation ask rashly? Han Li replied respectfully. In that case, I was wrong to blame Han Daoyou. But even if I don't say, you want to come. Ying Mou is very good at it. Cai Liu smiled and said lightly. This The younger generation does have some guesses. At the end of this time, could it be with Guang Hanjie? About. Han Li asked honestly. Ha ha, Daoyou really guessed it. The concubine and the little disciple came just for this. I believe that soon, Duan Daoyou will also bring another person to visit. Color stream \ {! Clasp one's hands and laugh ” "So, is your disciple." Han Li was stunned, and his eyes fell on the cloaked woman, looking a little surprised. Yes, the disciple is one of the people I told you about earlier who has the body of meta-magnetism. The beautiful woman of the crystal clan admitted frankly. If the younger generation remembers correctly, the person that the older generation said last time should be a noble guest. "How to become your disciple again?" Han Li asked in surprise. " What's so strange about that? My concubine just accepted the disciple years ago. Cailiu smiled at me Tao. So, but the younger generation was confused for a moment. "Han Li twitched at the corners of his mouth and smiled bitterly." Said in a voice. "Do you think I accepted this disciple because of the matter of Guanghan Realm?" Jing Zu Mei The woman asked with deep meaning. How could the younger generation think so? Han Li's face changed. It's okay to think so. But I can assure you that the young disciple is absolutely willing to worship under the door of my concubine, without any reluctance. The color flow showed a look of indifference. I did sincerely worship the master, and I didn't force him at all. Cloak woman Son also at this time, finally opened his mouth. The voice is slightly deep, but there is an indescribable magnetism, which is quite pleasant to listen to. Han Li Wen Yan, the face of the rare show a trace of the color of shyness, can only be embarrassed to smile no longer interface what. In fact, the purpose of my concubine's visit this time is very simple, that is, to let you know the little disciple first. When it comes to Guanghan, Mai Chang needs the two of you to work together. The color flow said slowly. The senior said so, is it possible that the wide cold world is about to open? Han Li could not help asking a rhetorical question. Sentence. Daoyou is not wrong. If there are no other unexpected changes, the wide cold world is in a month. Then it will be opened. The beautiful woman of the Crystal Clan smiled. A month later, so soon? "Han Li is really surprised." How, does Han Daoyou still have anything to do? "Cai Liu asked with a flash of his eyes." Tao. Nothing happened. It's just that if you can give me a few more decades of effort, maybe the younger generation will have a chance to practice their strength to the bottle, and then they can take advantage of this opportunity to advance by the way. Han Li grinned and said helplessly. This is indeed a wasted opportunity. But now you are no more than the seventh rank of the upper clan. Even if you reach the peak of cultivation, as long as you spend more time,tube fitting manufacturer, it will not be too difficult to break through the bottle. And brother Duan and I have promised you such a great benefit, Han Daoyou should also be satisfied. The beautiful woman of the crystal clan heard this, but said lightly. chinaroke.com

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