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At this juncture, he knew in his heart that he could not beat others and run away, and there was no way but to go all out.


At this juncture, he knew in his heart that he could not beat others and run away, and there was no way but to go all out. So he felt out two fire bombs in the dark and thought to himself, "Now I can only use the power of these two fire bombs to get away." In his mind, he looked left and right, looking for a gap. But he forgot to fight with the master, the mind is not divided, a little scattered, will set up a big risk. Just because he looked around, Yunxiao saw the flaw and said with a smile, "The thief is bald!"! Don't be haunted in front of Uncle Yun. Don't you still have a fire bomb to use? Then show it! Hua Yin snorted coldly, "You ordered it yourself. Don't regret it.." The voice was not finished, shaking his hand to play a wisp of black light, such as lightning, shooting at the chest of Yunxiao. Yunxiao didn't seem to take the fire bomb to heart at all, and when he flew halfway, he suddenly hit his waist and pushed it out with one hand. As soon as the palm wind and the fireball touched, with a crash, a flame rose and was forced to shoot back. Seeing this, Huayin knew that the flame was burning on him, and it was even worse, so he quickly pushed out a palm. The flame was forced by the two palms and immediately sputtered sparks. These sparks, like sparks from burning charcoal or striking iron, sprayed all over the sky, but were still forced back by the strength and enveloped the monk Huayin. As soon as he saw the spark cover,Precision Welded pipes, he knew that his clothes were touching. He quickly raised his sleeve and beat it, but forgot that he was still holding a bullet in his hand. He did not attack, this attack, raised his hand to throw the fire bomb at his feet, and then was forced by the force of Yunxiao palm, a panic in the heart, a foot on it. There was a loud bang, the red light was shining, the whole body was on fire,aluminium coated tubes, the clothes were burning, and the eyebrows were burning! However, he did not forget the way to put out the fire, that is, to lie on the ground and roll. When you are on fire, rolling on the ground is a wonderful way to put out the fire immediately. Who would have thought that he had forgotten that there were still a lot of fire bombs in his bag. When he met the pressure, he immediately exploded. Suddenly, there were several loud sounds, and the flames were flying, emitting plumes of black smoke. Because the evil monk had done a lot of evil and the way of heaven was good, he was punished for his evil deeds today. After a few sad cries, he thought he had gone to the Western Heaven and stopped humming. A gust of wind passed by, and the smell of burning was disgusting. The fire went out, the black smoke still curled up, and the big monk turned into a baked sweet potato, burning a bloody mess. When the monk set himself on fire, Yunxiao and the others had long avoided the limelight, side impact beams ,stainless steel tube 304, looked at the charred corpse, and let out a great sigh. Han Yi said with a smile, "Boy, I really can't see that you still have such a compassionate heart. How could you sigh at a dead man who has done all kinds of evil?" Yunxiao said with a smile, "I don't pity him for his death. I just think why a man should go to his death." "What's so strange about that?" Said Han Yi. "People die for money, and birds die for food. What Jianghu is fighting for is fame and wealth. How many people can see through it?" Yunxiao smiled and did not argue, but asked, "Can the elder see Miss Mei?" "If you don't ask me," said Han Yi, "I'm going to tell you. They've already been caught by Hongluogu." "Red Snail Valley?" Yunxiao was stunned for a moment. "Where is Hongluo Valley?" He asked. Han Yi said, "Hongluo Valley is the Xinyang Branch Altar of the Scorpio Sect. It's in front of it." "Then we must hurry to save them," said Yunxiao anxiously. "I know that," said Han Yi. "It's just that there's a lot of ambushes in the Red Snail Valley. If it falls into the hands of this group of young people, it's not worth it." "Don't we care about them?" Asked Yunxiao? If you're afraid, I'll break into it alone. As soon as his voice fell, he rose and rushed straight into the valley. Seeing this, Han Yi was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks and shouted, "Why are young people so impatient?" "Don't complain, Shibo," said Shi Lin. "Don't we care about this?" "Who said that?" Han Yi stared and said, "If we really don't care, the Songyang Sect will be ruined. We are afraid of death. What are we still doing in Jianghu?"? Go! "The old thief has also given up his life to break into his Red Snail Valley." Said, followed Yunxiao's back to chase down. Shi Lin looked at Yang Haiping with a smiling face, and the two of them flew together, then followed closely. By this time, Mei Ying and Xue Qin had been tied up and carried into Hongluo Valley, where they were separated and locked up in a cave. Not for a long time, Hongluogu came back first. He was carrying Song Jiu, the sick man who had broken his wrists. When he put Song Jiu down and looked at him, he couldn't help scolding himself: "I'm really a Yin Xiucai now. How can I carry a dead body home?" It turned out that Song Jiu's wrists were broken. What he practiced was poison skill. If the poison did not spread out, it would inevitably invade inside. He had already died for a long time. Just when Yin Si Xiucai Leng Yan was sulking, he Qi, the householder of Poison Finger, came back. In the Red Snail Valley, He Qi was the leader, because he had been defeated and came back, he must have known that the enemy would break into the valley, so as soon as he entered the sub-altar, he was busy deploying his men and setting up defenses everywhere. This sub-altar is a large house with three entrances. The first entrance is the place for discussion, a row of five large open halls, the second entrance is the place for entertaining guests, and the third entrance is their residence. According to the mountain building, the last is the cave where the prisoners are imprisoned, where Mei Ying and Xue Qin are imprisoned. He Qi finished his defense and then returned to the third room where they lived. As soon as he entered the upper room, he noticed that the cold look of the scholar was not right. "What's wrong with the sick man?" He asked. "What bad luck," said Leng Yan. "I carried a dead body on my back in the middle of the night.. How did you deal with the old thief? He Qi sighed and said, "Don't mention it!"! Seeing that the old thief was about to be captured, coincidentally, the boy surnamed Yun came again. When Leng Yan heard this, he was startled. "Needless to say," he said, "he came back defeated." He Qi stamped his feet and scolded, "I really don't understand. How did that boy practice his kung fu? It's understandable that his swordsmanship is wonderful. He has to be instructed by a famous teacher. How can his internal skills be so profound?" "Of course," said Leng Yan,Cold Drawn Tubes, "it was also taught by a famous teacher. But I'm afraid he'll break into the valley, and with the strength of both of us, we may not be able to defeat him. 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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