Immortals of rebirth also love their youth

"Very silly, take a plane to accompany," she also felt so silly ah, "but it is my first time to take a plane


The people who left the haunted house here, with a popsicle in their mouth, went to the second stop.. A roller coaster ... Jin Zheming was ignored by another vote.. "Ah," Jin Zheming, who had been to the place at this time, heard the screams coming from the top of their heads. Jin Zheming took a strange look at Xiaoxian, who was very calm at this time, and could not help but feel a pain again. Jin Zheming sold the number of a car and bought 12 pieces, all of which were just bought on the unified train, which was intentional. After waiting for a few groups of people, they finally arrived at Jin Zheming. Xiaoxian took the initiative to go to the last row, and then looked at Jin Zheming. Finally, Jin Zheming could only leave his mother and go to Xiaoxian's side. Jin's mother was sitting in the first row with a complaining face. Jin Zheming sat down and gave Xiaoxian a gentle expression. Xiaoxian also gave you a reassuring expression directly. Jin Zheming tearfully handed his arm to Xiaoxian again, and Xiaoxian was very happy to scratch the arm that had been injured for a long time. Only after grasping, first for Jin Zheming rubbed for a while, let Jin Zheming enjoy very much, the heart is still thinking, is this the welfare before the pain? But I do. As expected, this time and the last time is really no difference, and the difference is that the change of an amusement park and this time the cry is like bel canto. Jin Zheming,Glass Cosmestic Containers, who got out of the car, looked at his arm which had been injured many times with pity on his face. He looked at Jin Mu pitifully. Jin Mu gave him a look that he deserved. He let you not be next to me. This is retribution. The feeling of schadenfreude is very strong. Feeling guilty, Xiaoxian took the initiative to come over and gently rubbed the deeply injured arm for Jin Zheming. The earnest appearance made people think that this was a couple, and the wife was showing her love to her husband. And the serious Xiaoxian Dihao didn't notice Jin Zheming's cool expression, but the others were watching and gave Jin Zheming a sanitary eye. Jin Zheming, who was somewhat at a loss, could only stop and suddenly saw the place where the gods rose in the distance. 、 "Xianer, I'll buy you sweet potatoes." Then he ran away. "Huh?" Inexplicable joy from the heart of Xiaoxian,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, he knows that he likes to eat sweet potatoes. He knows 、 "This is the most beautiful one for Xianer." He found one from the big bag that looked the most symmetrical. " The biggest one is for OMA "" and the cutest one is for SUNNY. Xiuyan filial piety, yuan, good T) "" The highest beautiful one is for Xiuying (Youli, Yuner) "After dividing, there is only one left. Jin Zheming just took it out and said," This is the most handsome one for Jin Zheming, ha ha. "Then he took a mouthful. Finally, he shouted and swallowed it, but there were tears in his eyes. Eating sweet potatoes, people began to stroll around the amusement park stalls, will be a lovely fun things to buy away, slowly they have more than one gadget. Jin Zheming, who was carrying the elk's ears, changed his clothes and the elk's black sunglasses. Jin Zheming's appearance was very attractive. As a result of playing too much fun, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, slowly someone recognized him, the show is very at least, but very famous Jin Zheming. As Jin Zheming's meal, at this moment the quality is reflected, in addition to asking to sign a name, the other is some to take a picture, but are not crowded, are slowly going on, this whole is also a long time, let alone girls, even the mother of gold can not wait, there is no way girls can only go first. Finally, after exchanging information, Jin Zheming began to sign, while Jin Mu took the girls into the nearest game field. Well, the ring. Under the leadership of the golden mother, everyone is also very happy to play, the last person holding a doll, ignoring a little sad boss to meet Jin Zheming coming from a distance, but the rate of turning heads is quite high, know is not to play, right look at the time is almost the same, ready for the next task of today's entertainment. They left the playground, ready to go to a place with grass and trees, that is, the park, to have a picnic. You're not really happy. "Just then the phone rang.". ________________- Work hard and persevere. Thank you for your support. The collection is everybody gives me the help, the recommendation is everybody gives me the commendation, the score is everybody gives my suggestion, the monthly ticket really has not thought.. Collection recommendation. [Chapter 49 Filial Piety at Picnic] () "You're not really happy.." Filled with a touch of sadness.. A song that often accompanies Jin Zheming 。 Jin Zheming looked at the caller ID, saw who it was, looked at the golden mother beside him, and made the mouth shape of "filial piety aunt". It's also asking something. Gold mother is more direct, directly took the mobile phone, connected, "Why are you calling, little girl?" "Ah, sister?"? Are you with Zheming? "Well, we're going to have a picnic." "Oh, sister, why don't you call me at the picnic?" He said in a complaining tone. You are such a busy man. How do we know when you have time? By the way, why do you type? "My sister is looking for me. I'm sure I have time. In fact, I have nothing to do. I just want to chat with Zheming." "Oh, are you busy now? If you are not busy, come here and go out to relax together. Don't be so busy that no man wants you." With a little satisfaction,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Jinmu is such a little girl. Contentment is happiness. " Okay, where are you? And then he said, there are a lot of people who want me.. There's just no sound ...。

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