After wearing the book, I have four overbearing sisters.

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Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article!

Of course, there are also some calm netizens who say that your Wan Yi suddenly fell ill and could not rely on others, so why should the program group give you an explanation. After a few hours of trouble, Wan Yi sent a micro-blog because of sudden heart cramps, so he had to leave Ximo Village temporarily to go to the hospital for examination. Here I want to say sorry to Ximo Village. I'm really sorry that I can't stick to it. At the same time, I announced that I would leave the entertainment industry temporarily and go abroad for medical treatment. Please wait for my good news. After this micro-blog was sent out, it directly rushed to the top of the hot search. In view of Wan Yi's current popularity, this number one deserves it. Everyone has two questions. What is Wan Yi's incurable disease? Why did Wan Yi quit the circle in such a hurry? However, despite the speculation and criticism of outsiders, Wan Yi and the brokerage company behind him all agreed to take this Weibo as the final response. Only Wan Yi himself knew how he was held up by Sheng Ruojuan and how he was kicked down by her. After sending this Weibo, he had been sent to the airport by Sheng Ruojuan, and he didn't even have a chance to turn back. Sheng Kui slept until this afternoon, and finally woke up, feeling much better. When she woke up, an Jincheng was talking on the phone in a low voice. If Sheng Jinglin wants it, give it to him. Sheng Kui was stupefied. Sheng Jinglin, isn't this the son of Uncle Sheng Peihua? The serum brought by the elder sister this time was found by him. When an Jincheng heard something behind him, he immediately silenced himself and turned around. Sheng Kui smiled at him. An Jincheng hung up the phone directly and looked at her,radio shuttle racking, "you're awake." Sheng Kui gave a hum. "Are you all right?" An Jincheng did not know how much Sheng Kui had heard, but no matter how much she had heard, there was no need to let her know about the disturbances outside. Don't worry. Do you want to drink water? Sheng Kui nodded, "I want to change my clothes." An Jincheng, oh, handed her the water, went straight out,Pallet rack beams, closed the door thoughtfully, and then guarded the door like a door God. After a while, Sheng Kui changed his clothes and pulled the door out. An Jincheng was stunned. "Why did you come out?" Sheng Kui raised his hands and turned around, "I'm ready to go out to record the program." Without waiting for an Jincheng to react, Sheng Kui lifted his feet and walked out of the yard. An Jincheng ran after him, and Sheng Kui turned around and pointed to the live drone in the sky, stretching out his index finger and shaking it left and right, indicating that he should not show himself. An Jincheng "" Sheng Kui grinned and left An Jincheng in the yard mercilessly. As soon as Sheng Kui appeared, all the other people at the scene applauded. Chu Qianqian and Shi Sinong immediately rushed over and hugged her and screamed. The bullet screen also exploded. Ah, ah, ah, I finally showed my face. My little angel is too warm. I'm in tears. Strong Aoi, you are my role model. Jiang Dun and Xiang Yang both stood in place and laughed foolishly. Only You He rushed over and said enthusiastically, Drive in racking system ,heavy duty racking system, "Xiaokui, are you better? Would you like to sit down and rest for a while?" Chu Qianqian and Shi Sinong looked back at him. Chu Qianqian snorted, "You He, did you call Xiaokui?" Whoa, whoa, exciting. There will be a good show as soon as Sheng Kui comes out. Is Yuka acting too enthusiastic? So what happened to make You He kneel and lick my Xiaokui so shamelessly? Everyone looked at Youhe, who squeezed out a smile, "You all call her Xiaokui, so can I." Chu Qianqian gave him a white look and turned to Sheng Kui and said, "I didn't think carefully before I called you Xiao Kui.". I'll call you Sister Kui with Sinong in the future. Sheng Kui laughed, "Why do you call me sister when you are older than me?" Chu Qianqian is serious, "you have more ideas than me, more depth than me, I must call you sister." At noon, when she went to deliver the meal, she called Sheng Kui a small sunflower, and was almost killed by An Jincheng's eyes. Although she has a plastic face, her brain is not broken. Know what an Jincheng's eyes mean. Sheng Kui looked helpless, "whatever you call it." Chu Qianqian giggled and hugged Sheng Kui's arm, "Sister Kui." Shi Sinong also collected money and cleverly called her sister Kui. Sheng Kui answered one by one and laughed. You He was completely left aside by the three of them, and he looked bored. In the afternoon, several people discussed going to the river to wash clothes. People living in the city used washing machines and dryers. They did not know the feeling of washing clothes in the flowing river, let alone the smell of the sun. Everyone went to experience washing clothes by the stream with a basin and a traditional soap horn from Ximo Village. An Jincheng listened to the laughter outside the yard gradually dispersed, the heart that anxious ah. Waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, I was so excited that I thought of a very inappropriate metaphor. I was like a little daughter-in-law who could not be seen. They didn't come back until the sun was going down. At the end of the dinner and the live broadcast, An Jincheng finally saw Sheng Kui. His face was a little smelly, and he didn't want to be noticed by Sheng Kui. I had to say in a muffled voice, "Your program is so boring.". Frolicking, no one is watching. Sheng Kui laughed, "Uncle Ann, it's boring people like you who have been watching for two days." An Jincheng "" Just then, Ji Yujun sent a video request. Sheng Kui hurriedly hissed and told An Jincheng to be quiet. Mom. You haven't slept yet. In the video, Ji Yujun looked very good. She laughed and said, "Mom will go to bed later.". Xiaowu, is An Jincheng by your side? Sheng Kui hurriedly hid aside with his cell phone and stammered, "How could he be here with me?" Ji Yujun said, "Xiaowu, I was thinking that you were in Ximo Village, and An Jincheng was also in Ximo Village." Sheng Kui immediately had a bad feeling. What a great opportunity. How about you have a blind date on the spot? Sheng Kui "" Chapter 25, Chapter 025 Sheng Kui was so surprised that he couldn't close his mouth. An Jincheng listened quietly beside him, with a very subtle expression on his face. Xiaowu. This time you had an accident. I heard your elder sister say that Jincheng went earlier than she did. Explain what "Ji Yujun is earnest and good at guiding.". Sheng Kui is stupefied,Warehouse storage racks, "explain he is a good person". An Jincheng "" Ji Yujun didn't hear the answer he wanted to hear from Sheng Kui. He snorted and said, "Think about it." Sheng Kui scratched his head, "it shows that he is a good man with money." An Jincheng was almost surprised by Sheng Kui's fantastic idea and took two deep breaths before choking to death.

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